Drip Irrigation

Drip Systems

Water conservation is the emphasis of drip irrigation. Targeting each plant saves water and prevents weed infestation. While overhead irrigation may lose over 50% of water used to evaporation, drip systems by comparison lose a very low measure of water. Wetting agents like Hydretain applied once every three months to the soil can reduce watering by another 50%. We build systems that are easy to operate and maintain with a traditional timer or your smart phone.

Drip Emitters

There are hundreds of drip emitters available to the consumer. Products cover a wide range of flow volume and coverage radius options. Selecting the correct emitters is key to an efficient system. Available products make it possible to convert conventional sprinkler systems to drip systems.

Drip System Design

Design is everything. Volume, coverage area, and soil structure are the variables for drip system design. While shallow watering evaporates quickly, an occasional deep soak is the persistent moisture down where the plant lives in it's root system.