Landscape Services

A wheelbarrow full of landscap fertilizer in Orange, CA

Quarterly Service

We enhance your maintenance program

(Starting at $135 quarterly)

  • Landscape Fertilizer
  • Pre Emergence Weed Control and Weed Spraying
  • Insect and Rodent Control
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis and Treatment


Synthetic and organic fertilizers for turf, trees, organic gardens, flowers, herbaceous plants, crops, containers, new plantings, and environmentally sensitive zones. Each landscape use has a specific fertilizer analysis need.

Weed Control

Pre emergence  weed control is applied late winter. Pre emergence herbicides list weeds controlled on the product label. Weed Control is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Good irrigation coverage, proper fertilization, a gardener that washes his mower after he has mowed a weed patch, and seasonal landscape renovation are all part of IPM.

Insects, Rodents, Plant Disease

We provide safe and effective insect and rodent control with our quarterly service. We diagnose and treat plant diseases and pests and spray for bugs on your property.